RIO Cottony Soft for Regular Flow

Superb-absorbent light-heavy flow pads that give 100% protection from stains without rashes or irritation. Built to ensure you have a better period! :)


7 Pads


6 Pads

  • Its hourglass shape, strong glue base and wings help the pad remain glued in place for an active day and comfortable sleep.

  • The soft, cottony cover makes for a comfortable experience all day long. No rashes, no chafing guaranteed!

  • Enhanced with Japanese SAP, RIO’s Cottony Soft Pads have a super-absorbent core, and a raised centre with deep channels for quick and complete absorption.

  • Available in Size L – 230mm (apt for teenagers) and Size XL – 280mm.

  • Gentle on your skin.

  • 3x More Absorption

    Super Absorbent Core

  • 3x More Absorption

    Firm glue Wings for a Secure Fit

  • 3x More Absorption

    Cottony Soft Cover

  • 3x More Absorption

    Available in 2 sizes

Cottony Soft

RIO puts your body first, which is why our products are free from chlorine, latex and artificial fragrance to keep your skin protected.

Raised centre with deep channels

Cottony Soft Cover

Hourglass shape

Extra Glue Grip

Secure Wings

Cottony Soft Cover

Soft cotton cover that keeps away rashes and irritation.

Anti-Rash Technology

Soft and gentle on your skin to protect from redness and chaffing.

Super Absorbent Core

Quickly soaks up liquid and locks it in gel form.

Anti-bacterial SAP

Japanese polymer technology that keeps you protected from bacteria.

Fast Liquid Distribution

Absorbs liquid rapidly to keep the pad surface comfortable and dry.

Extra Glue Grip

Stronger adhesive to keep the pad in place for longer.

Odour Lock

Seals in period odour, while being free from artificial fragrances.

Pads Size

State-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Our advanced manufacturing facility spans over 6 acres, and is situated in Nashik. With our headquarters in Mumbai, our multiple warehouses are in close proximity to all major ports.

No Artificial Fragrance

No Artificial Fragrance

No Artificial Fragrance

Latex Free

No Artificial Fragrance

Touchless Manufacturing

No Artificial Fragrance

Chlorine Free

How to use RIO Pads

Peel the paper

Pull it out!

Take the RIO pad out of its holding pouch and peel the paper wrapper off its back.

Peel the paper

Stick it firm!

Stretch the pad open. Stick the gluey side on your underwear. Press, firmly.

Peel the paper

Position the wings!

Peel the wrapper from the wings. Wrap it securely around your underwear. You’re ready!

Peel the paper

Throw it away!

Wrap the soiled pad in newspaper and dispose in a dustbin.

Questions & Answers


Are RIO Pads comfortable?

RIO sanitary Pads come equipped with a soft cottony top sheet which prevents rashes and irritation ensuring maximum comfort.


Can RIO absorb blood clots?

Yes, RIO sanitary Pads due to its rapid liquid absorption technology and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) absorbs blood clots that are as big as INR 10 coins.


How often do I change RIO pads?

RIO sanitary Pads are highly absorbent and it is suggested that you change your pad 3 times/day for the first 2 days and 2 times/day for the next 3 days.


How to use a RIO Pad?

Tear the paper on the back of a RIO Pad, stretch it open and stick the pad firmly on your underwear. Once it is completely soaked, wrap the pad in a newspaper and dispose it in the bin.


How much do RIO Pads cost?

RIO Pads are available in packs of 12 pads priced at INR 155, 6 pads priced at INR 80 and 3 pads priced at INR 40.


What are Flow Guards?

Our R & D has indicated that dips along the length of the pad can cause liquid to trickle down the inner thigh. Our raised flow guards, made of hydrophobic or water-repulsive sheets, forms a barricade against this locking in any possible leaks.



I really liked it alot. It was very comfortable. It was the same as I had imagined. It is broad, long, wide, soft and long-lasting too. It gave me no problems. I will give 5 stars to this pad.

Just like I imagined! 5 stars!

- Mother of a six year old boy & teacher


This one was quite smooth and soft. The feeling was good, comfortable. I thought the blue line was there because it could soak more. It was a nice feeling. Not ‘on periods’ feeling. I think it absorbed more.

Didn’t ‘feel’ the period!

- TCS Employee


No leakage, the upper layer is very soft and smooth and works for a longer period of time. I change my current pad 6-7 times while RIO I change only 4-5 times. The blue part I liked I feel its absorbing more, no leakage at all.

Lasts really long!

- Qualified CA & homemaker


Yeh bilkul bhi uncomfortable nahi hai, ekdum light weight hai aur theek se mere clots absorb karta hai. Mujhe malum hi nahi pada ki clots waha hai. Wo joh chip chipa tha wo poora absorb kar liya. Real mein mujhe bathroom mein jane ki vapas jaroorat nahi padi.

No need to go to the bathroom!

- Homemaker and has a son

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